Plan the Perfect Garage Sale

Many thanks to Monique Fullowka, of The One Dollar Income, for sharing her ideas on creating a great Garage Sale If your garage is packed with boxes and old things it may be time to host a yard sale. Sell the old hand me downs that have gone through all three of your children and [...]

$75 Free Advertising for Blogs and Websites from Google

Google has a promotion where for every $25 you spend on Google Adwords, you get another $75 in free credit. Worthwhile advertising if you focus local. Find out More

FlexJobs Prize Pack – Enter Now to Win This $130 Prize Pack Give Away

FlexJobs, widely recognized as the best telecommuting job site and known by many as the “place” for support to work at home moms is giving away a prize pack,  to one lucky winner which includes: 1)  a one year subscription to the FlexJobs professional job search site 2)  handy gift set that includes a year [...]

Amazon Gift Card $10 Give Away-Enter Now

Thank you Glenda M Thomas of Glenda the Good Foodie for making this opportunity available to our Mom Audience readers.  While we at Mom Audience appreciate your submission we are not in a position to endorse this product/announcement/give away nor do we make any claims whatsoever regarding this opportunity.   Help spread the word about [...]

Comfort for your little one, extra cash for you!

Thank you Margaret from Precious Ideas for sharing this opportunity with our readers of Mom Audience. While we at Mom Audience appreciate your submission we are not in a position to endorse this product nor do we make any claims whatsoever regarding this opportunity. Precious Ideas, manufacturer of the Li’l Shopper Portable Seat Cushion is [...]

Ideal Work Aligns with What You Hold Dear: a Case-Study

mom audience

Submitted by Danny Smith Baa Baa Heirloom Sheep, have you any wool? I was on the hunt for the most interesting Etsy kid stuff, in the spirit of mom entrepreneurship + DIY that I love to cheer. I was on that quest but found instead a brilliant example of Etsy savvy which couples passion with a sponsoring [...]

Inspiration for Unconventional Ways to Earn Money

unconventional mom

Submitted by Danny Smith Sure, I love going out  to socialize, I love trying out the party-hosting ideas in the hilarious Amy Sedaris guide,  I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. But at my core, I’m an introvert and get exhausted except among my closest confidantes. Shy in public, I’m somebody who loves to spend as [...]

A Site You Can’t Afford to Miss – Money Saving Mom

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Posted by Danny Smith If you’re anything at all like me, you’re doing everything you can to make every dollar stretch, while having fewer and fewer dollars to get by on. And if you’re anything at all like me, you’ve simply got too many demands on each and every one of those dollars. Let’s see, [...]

How to Save Money (and Maybe Make Some, Too) As a Stay-at-Home-Mom

mom save money

Submitted by Suzanne Stewart Maybe you’re considering staying at home with the new baby, or you want to be there for your special needs child, or perhaps you’re contemplating homeschooling? Or perhaps the economic downturn has forced you out of the workplace and you’re finding it difficult, if not impossible, to return? The one big [...]

Cute Kid Contest $25,000

cute baby contest

Parents Magazine is searching for the cutest kid of 2012. You could win over $100,000 in cash prizes, including a $25K college fund award, a trip to NYC, a chance to star in a TV commerical, and agency representation. Just fill out this form to enter.

Stay at Home/Work from Home, Moms of Etsy

work from home mom etsy

Submitted by Danny Smith We all remember in the late ’90s when Ebay took off as a very popular way to auction off your stuff. You could sell just about anything on Ebay, as long as it was legal in general; from a piece of toast with the image of Jesus burnt on, to a steering [...]