Embarrassing Video Scam Alert

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Submitted by Danny Smith The Better Business Bureau recently posted about a scam that makes you think that you’re in an embarrassing video with generic, illiterate, shocked comments providing the cunning realism to get you to download a virus. ‘OMG your in this.’ See: Scammers Taunt Twitter Users With Fake Facebook Video.

Do They Really Think We’re THAT Dumb? Apparently!

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By Suzanne Stewart Con men have probably been around about as long as civilization itself. The Internet simply gave the snake oil salesmen of years past a new place to play, and boy have they taken to it like ducks to water! We all know about the person in Nigeria, or some other place, who [...]

How to Tell if an Email Opportunity is a Scam

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Submitted by Danny Smith Spammers Operating under the classic notion that ‘there’s a sucker born every minute,’  the charlatans cast their wide net with a mass spamming, betting that statistically there will be a portion of people in the net vulnerable and naive enough to send them money (senior citizens, the young and inexperienced, or [...]