War on Boredom: Creative Kids and Lifelong Learning

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One thing that parents around the globe have in common is the hope that their children will have the skills to achieve their dreams in life, which comes down to a sort of flexibility that allows for growth and upward mobility. When I think of what qualities best serve people in their life opportunities, what [...]

Home Remedies to Help You Make It Through The Burns, Itches, & Twitches of Summer

  Most of us enjoy the fun of hanging out in the summer sun, a run to the lake shore or beaches and hanging out and playing all day BUT, as our long days turn into short nights, its all those bug bites we always seem to very much dislike. If you find your self [...]

The Lazy Woman’s 7 Commandments

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Submitted by Danny Smith What’s about the biggest killer of our time? You know darn well, it’s stress. So why not take a gander at this Lazy Woman Quiz and reap the health benefits of a good laugh. I came across this humorous line of mom-philosophy, which has a core of serious principles.   The pair of [...]

Ten Everyday Things To Improve Your Life

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Submitted by Danny Smith If you’re like me, you find it very difficlt to pass up an article that lists strategies to help you become more motivated, more happy, less stressed, have stronger relationships, a better sex life, a more rewarding career, all that good stuff. Despite our best intentions, we are all somewhat of [...]

Nothing Quite So Beautiful as Moms Helping Moms

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Submitted by Danny Smith One of the most life-affirming phenomenons in light of Hurricane Sandy, is the surge of grass-roots organizations answering the call to feed, clothe, counsel, and assist the communities in need without the restraints of bureaucratic procedure. The Red Cross and FEMA are vital for sure, but they just couldn’t do nearly [...]

Interesting Thanksgiving Web Picks

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Submitted by Danny Smith Hello, there. Hope you’re not too stressed about all the preparation and scheduling for tomorrow. If you’re still in the mood for just a little procrastination, dig in your heels and resist your chore list, with a little holiday inspiration from around the web.        Get in the mood [...]