War on Boredom: Creative Kids and Lifelong Learning

mom audience DIY

One thing that parents around the globe have in common is the hope that their children will have the skills to achieve their dreams in life, which comes down to a sort of flexibility that allows for growth and upward mobility. When I think of what qualities best serve people in their life opportunities, what [...]

DIY Cozy Times with a Toddler

DIY kid craft

Submitted by Danny Smith I’ve got a couple of ideas that I used when babysitting my 3 yr old niece,  that incorporate music, healthy eating, and creativity in a DIY work ethic. I was eager to avoid a cartoon marathon and I needed a strategy.  The single most powerful weapon I know of to keep a [...]

Nothing Quite So Beautiful as Moms Helping Moms

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Submitted by Danny Smith One of the most life-affirming phenomenons in light of Hurricane Sandy, is the surge of grass-roots organizations answering the call to feed, clothe, counsel, and assist the communities in need without the restraints of bureaucratic procedure. The Red Cross and FEMA are vital for sure, but they just couldn’t do nearly [...]

Interesting Thanksgiving Web Picks

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Submitted by Danny Smith Hello, there. Hope you’re not too stressed about all the preparation and scheduling for tomorrow. If you’re still in the mood for just a little procrastination, dig in your heels and resist your chore list, with a little holiday inspiration from around the web.        Get in the mood [...]

Discounts on PhotoGifts

mom audience photogifts

Submitted by Danny Smith December is coming soon. It can be so hard to find something unique and functional to give to loved ones who have everything; especially older gift recipients who have long since acquired the appliances, kitchen tools, furniture, and so on–that makes younger people easier to shop for. Usually when I’m considering [...]

Eating Your Child’s Leftovers

mom audience oversnacking

Submitted by Danny Smith Moms of young children, what do you do when you give your kid a delicious slice of pizza and they barely touch it? Do you find yourself eating your toddler’s left over bites throughout the day; reasoning against chucking-it into the waste, or, it being too minuscule to bother wrapping up [...]

Keepsake Baby Books

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Submitted by Danny Smith Did your parents keep a Baby’s First book of your first words, steps,  habits and favorites? It’s not uncommon that when I do a thorough cleaning of my closet, I come across my baby book. I like to procrastinate from my task and linger over what my mom chose to write [...]

DIY Pea Pod Baby Costume

DIY baby costume

Submitted by Danny Smith Babies. Many of their daily outfits have animal ear hoods or paw gloves. We dress up babies like little bears, little puppies, and little bumble bees. This is a great thing, and I’m not complaining. I’m just going to say, because the cuteness quotient of babies is already at a high threshold, [...]

Stay at Home/Work from Home, Moms of Etsy

work from home mom etsy

Submitted by Danny Smith We all remember in the late ’90s when Ebay took off as a very popular way to auction off your stuff. You could sell just about anything on Ebay, as long as it was legal in general; from a piece of toast with the image of Jesus burnt on, to a steering [...]

Green Pasta Shamrock Craft

I love doing Holiday themed crafts with my son. I recently stumbled on a similar project using rice, but since we didn’t have any, we decided to do it with pasta instead. Its really easy to dye your pasta or rice using a mix of food coloring and rubbing alcohol. The possibilities are endless on [...]