The Lazy Woman’s 7 Commandments

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Submitted by Danny Smith What’s about the biggest killer of our time? You know darn well, it’s stress. So why not take a gander at this Lazy Woman Quiz and reap the health benefits of a good laugh. I came across this humorous line of mom-philosophy, which has a core of serious principles.   The pair of [...]

Bathroom Privacy Ideas

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Submitted by Danny Smith Little tykes are more reasonable than babies but of course they still need diligent supervision. At the same time, they’re starting to develop the critical experiments with autonomous choices and cautious wandering that will eventually lead to a healthy attachment-style. Let’s face it, you want to have a bowel movement and [...]

Bed Safety for Babies

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Please pass along this “Bed Safety for Babies” article at your discretion, to any new moms you’re close with–it’s information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and how to prevent it. From cot safety and mattress selection, to crib toy considerations and awareness, this article details subtle dangers and address them with practical solutions.

How to handle your child’s temper tantrums without losing your cool

Little kids sure can create big scenes! No matter how sweet your child is or how good a parent you are, meltdowns are a fact of toddler life. So try to remember that your child’s tantrums aren’t a reflection of your parenting skills: They simply mean you’ve got a frustrated little kid on your hands. [...]

“The Story” – What We Tell Our Family About Our Family

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The narrative we share with our children about the lives of their grandparents, aunts and uncles, or in some cases, relatives that are no longer living, can provide children with pieces of information that not only make them feel more confident, these stories inform our children’s core values and  provide them a stronger sense of [...]


Listing: FamiliesgGo! Here is our family travel website which offers a destination blog with the best things to do while traveling with kids and an advice blog with everything you need to know about planning and getting there. All our contentis written by travel savvy parents for parents, CONTACT INFO: eileen gunn, CLICK TO [...]

No Regrets? You’re Not Trying Hard Enough!

Our sincere thanks to Suzanne Stewart for being this week’s Guest Blogger   Parenting is no place for weaklings, as I’m sure we’ll all agree. Its bright and beautiful days outshine even the most luminous of stars, while its darker, uglier days make a moonless night at midnight seem glorious by comparison. We all have [...]

John Mayer Nashville Experience Concert Tickets GiveAway

John Mayer plays at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on December 4, 2013.  Her’s your chance to win two tickets, complete with airfare, hotel stay,    concert tickets AND exclusive backstage passes John Mayer.  Enter Now | Contest Ends 11/18/13    

Mega Bloks Barbie GiveAway – $275 Value

 This Mega Bloks Barbie prize package is ideal for fun ages 5-10 years old and will allow your child’s imagination to create infinite possibilities.  Whether it’s time  to get glammed up and rock out like superstars OR taking a beach vacation in the tropics, exploration and imagination are the keys to these incredible Barbie®  Build [...]

GiveAway Valued at $300 – Gymboree Gift Card

 Just in time for the holiday season Gymboree is offering a chance to win a $300 gift card for you to choose stylish sleepwear or playful mini outfits for your child.  Shopping available for sizes newborn to 12 years old.  Enter Now | Contest Ends 10/27/13  

In Memory of the Washington Navy Yard

  It is with heavy hearts that we pause to acknowledge the tragic events of yesterday that resulted in the loss of innocent lives to so many families.       Mom Audience is thankful for the dedicated first responders who work diligently to protect us and the attentive community of by standers who choose [...]