Having A Little App-ti-tude…New Parents With High-Tech Style

Babies don’t change much…though they need to be changed quite often.  As the life of today’s parents seems to be busier then ever, when the new little one comes along sometimes assistance is needed.  Since so many of us use our cell phones and tablets for all things imaginable, why not enlist the aid of [...]

War on Boredom: Creative Kids and Lifelong Learning

mom audience DIY

One thing that parents around the globe have in common is the hope that their children will have the skills to achieve their dreams in life, which comes down to a sort of flexibility that allows for growth and upward mobility. When I think of what qualities best serve people in their life opportunities, what [...]

Plan the Perfect Garage Sale

Many thanks to Monique Fullowka, of The One Dollar Income, for sharing her ideas on creating a great Garage Sale If your garage is packed with boxes and old things it may be time to host a yard sale. Sell the old hand me downs that have gone through all three of your children and [...]

Summertime Means Summer Camp…Find Camps That Fit Your Family

It’s that time again. Schools is almost over and, if you haven’t thought of it already, now may be the right time to start planning summer camp for your children. Keeping in mind the kids just want to enjoy their summer vacation and have lots of fun…here are some ideas that may prove useful when [...]

Home Remedies to Help You Make It Through The Burns, Itches, & Twitches of Summer

  Most of us enjoy the fun of hanging out in the summer sun, a run to the lake shore or beaches and hanging out and playing all day BUT, as our long days turn into short nights, its all those bug bites we always seem to very much dislike. If you find your self [...]

How Babies Learn to Self-Soothe

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Submitted by Danny Smith The findings from a recent study conducted by Australian researchers sheds new light on a difficult child-rearing issue: when to interfere when a crying baby needs to wind down. New parents find their heart’s wrenched by the sound of their baby crying–but it can be tricky to decide when to intervene [...]

Safety Tips for Parents as Children Play Sports

Organized sports have always been recognized as an excellent way for children to not only learn social skills but also as an outlet for them to increase their physical development and to build stamina. It is also acknowledged that active participation in sports may increase a child’s risk for physical injuries, however, if parents and [...]

Ways to Connect With Your Children

Most parents know whether or not they are connected to their children.  As our society has begun to put more value on the emotional well being of our children, the term “attunement” is being used more frequently to describe that bonding or connectedness parents seek to maintain with their sons and daughters.  Being attuned to [...]

Motherhood Stress & Strategies

mom stress

By: Danny Smith Quick! Visualize your home on a typical day with every member of the family doing what they might typically be doing. Is it a relaxed and open scene of laughing and sharing the days events and discussing plans, or is there some strife and commotion? Picture yourself, are your energy reserves and [...]

DIY Cozy Times with a Toddler

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Submitted by Danny Smith I’ve got a couple of ideas that I used when babysitting my 3 yr old niece,  that incorporate music, healthy eating, and creativity in a DIY work ethic. I was eager to avoid a cartoon marathon and I needed a strategy.  The single most powerful weapon I know of to keep a [...]

Parents of Teenagers

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