You’re in New York City for the weekend, where do you start?!

mom in central park

New York is renowned for its famous landmarks and media coverage. It’s the home of The Statue of Liberty and ‘Sex and the City,’ making it a desirable destination whoever you are. On arrival you’ll be greeted with friendly faces and undoubtedly a cocktail or two to start your weekend in style. There are 4 [...]

Playing to Win Extra Cash

Have you ever tried to earn some much needed extra income online? I know I’ve tried my hand at a multitude of different options to  see what works and what doesn’t. Its definitely not as easy as I wish it were.  The major concern is weeding through the jungle of websites that are out there [...]

Its official – I am an entrepreneur


For years I have been trying to answer “what do you want to be when you grow up”.  I am 35 years old, it was getting pretty ridiculous.  Long story short, I went to college for Social Work for 3 years when I totally panicked. I just couldn’t do it. I became brainwashed. Seems like [...]