DIY Pea Pod Baby Costume

DIY baby costume

Submitted by Danny Smith Babies. Many of their daily outfits have animal ear hoods or paw gloves. We dress up babies like little bears, little puppies, and little bumble bees. This is a great thing, and I’m not complaining. I’m just going to say, because the cuteness quotient of babies is already at a high threshold, [...]

12 Things Not To Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad

daddy blog deals

Submitted by Danny Smith Check out the instructive and funny article, “12 Things Not to Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad,” by Mark Greene from The Good Men Project: “In another generation or so, dump the “at-home” or “stay-at-home” thing, too. Dads can, in fact, be found in the home and with their children. Shocking, I [...]

How to Save Money (and Maybe Make Some, Too) As a Stay-at-Home-Mom

mom save money

Submitted by Suzanne Stewart Maybe you’re considering staying at home with the new baby, or you want to be there for your special needs child, or perhaps you’re contemplating homeschooling? Or perhaps the economic downturn has forced you out of the workplace and you’re finding it difficult, if not impossible, to return? The one big [...]

National Halloween Costume Swap Day Oct 13

costume swap day mom audience

Submitted by Danny Smith Tomorrow, October 13th is National Costume Swap Day. The point is to encourage a more environmentally-friendly holiday spirit and to save money. You can check it out on the National Costume Swap Twitter and Facebook.  This event is held every year, so if there isn’t one established in your area now, [...]

Stay at Home/Work from Home, Moms of Etsy

work from home mom etsy

Submitted by Danny Smith We all remember in the late ’90s when Ebay took off as a very popular way to auction off your stuff. You could sell just about anything on Ebay, as long as it was legal in general; from a piece of toast with the image of Jesus burnt on, to a steering [...]

Browse, Brag and Bag Some Cash – From Shopper to Seller With Social Media

work from home mom

by Suzanne Stewart We’ve all gotten that really annoying spam email on how to earn thousands from home by doing virtually nothing, right? They promise to put tons of money into your bank account after you spend just 5 minutes working from home. They have slick sales pitches and photoshopped checking accounts or PayPal records [...]

Mom Audience Welcomes Your Baby Bumps

baby bump

By Danny Smith Our resident Mom Audience father, Mike (previously mentioned in Stroller Snapping Swag), was talking to friends of his and his wife. They got on the subject of baby bumps. Some of the mom’s had taken pictures of their growing stomach throughout the process, others had taken one or two, and some were [...]

Do They Really Think We’re THAT Dumb? Apparently!

avoid scams

By Suzanne Stewart Con men have probably been around about as long as civilization itself. The Internet simply gave the snake oil salesmen of years past a new place to play, and boy have they taken to it like ducks to water! We all know about the person in Nigeria, or some other place, who [...]

Great new source for mom deals:

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Submitted by Danny Smith If you’re someone who’s open to an assortment of legitimate bargains on baby gear and related thrifty mom sorts of deals, you’ll want to bookmark Mom365.  These are seriously good deals, no messing around.   For example, I went right to the Deals section, and randomly checked out the Free 11 [...]

How to Tell if an Email Opportunity is a Scam

work at home scam

Submitted by Danny Smith Spammers Operating under the classic notion that ‘there’s a sucker born every minute,’  the charlatans cast their wide net with a mass spamming, betting that statistically there will be a portion of people in the net vulnerable and naive enough to send them money (senior citizens, the young and inexperienced, or [...]

New Management, But We’re Still Fabulous

mom audience

By: Danny Smith If you’ve liked the Mom Audience page on Facebook, you may have caught the post about the change in management. Yes, Mom Audience is now under new management and we hope to bring a freshly energized approach, without skimping on the consistency you’ve come to expect. If all goes well, you’ll have [...]