Inspiration for Unconventional Ways to Earn Money

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Submitted by Danny Smith Sure, I love going out  to socialize, I love trying out the party-hosting ideas in the hilarious Amy Sedaris guide,  I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. But at my core, I’m an introvert and get exhausted except among my closest confidantes. Shy in public, I’m somebody who loves to spend as [...]

Steep Deals on Car Seats

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Posted by Danny Smith One thing you gotta love about the baby gear site Lela, is that you can filter your search with a sliding bar of price ranges, and just bump it up or down depending on where you feel comfortable. It’s just so much more convenient to wade through the bajillion tons of [...]

Red, White, and Blue

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Submitted by Danny Smith Congratulations to President Obama for winning a second term.  For all the talk of a close competition, a Tweet from Senior Political Analyst @David Gergen, offers context with the fact  that Obama is one of only three Democrats to ever win +50% of the national vote, twice. No matter who you [...]

How We Can Help Victims of the SuperStorm

mom audience hurricane sandy

Submitted by Danny Smith At Mom Audience our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. By now you’ve seen the outpouring of stories and pictures of Americans coming together with that sense of community and vulnerability we tend to keep buried deep down on ordinary days. It [...]

Me4Kidz 40% off Family First Aid on Mom365

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Submitted by Danny Smith With cold weather coming and the nation assessing their readiness for natural disasters, you might be looking for the peace of mind of having new supplies for your family first aid kit. Mom365 has a deal through them for 40% off the Me4Kidz line of first aid kits. Among their Necessities [...]

Keep ‘Em Warm with Knit Baby Beards

mom audience baby beards

Submitted by Danny Smith There is no doubt about it, beard fashions are alive and well today and now even children are enjoying the fun. Kids love bright, silly, novelty hats, they love staying warm, and we love to smile at kids looking sweetly ridiculous. Nothing fits the bill like a knit beard hat for [...]

Moms Vote Phone Bank

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Submitted by Danny Smith From the Facebook page of Moms Rising comes a quick and painless get-out-the-vote volunteer opportunity. “Some bunny wants YOU to pick up the phone!” “Are you in? Take a few minutes to make a few calls between now & Tuesday night. Have big impact by reminding busy moms that Tuesday is [...]

Where Moms and People Who Love Them go to Change our World

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Submitted by Danny Smith Hey, I found something cool. I just wanted to let you know about an empowering Facebook page for Moms that caught my eye. It’s for the group Moms Rising. Here’s a quote from the mission statement of Moms Rising: “Where moms and people who love them go to change the world! [...]

Bra Aims to Detect Cancer Early

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Posted by Danny Smith Here’s something you may have never heard of but that could potentially save the lives of so many women. Here’s a quote from an article you don’t want to miss about a bra that hopes to stop deaths from breast cancer: ” A Reno, Nevada-based company called First Warning Systems claims [...]

A Site You Can’t Afford to Miss – Money Saving Mom

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Posted by Danny Smith If you’re anything at all like me, you’re doing everything you can to make every dollar stretch, while having fewer and fewer dollars to get by on. And if you’re anything at all like me, you’ve simply got too many demands on each and every one of those dollars. Let’s see, [...]

Keepsake Baby Books

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Submitted by Danny Smith Did your parents keep a Baby’s First book of your first words, steps,  habits and favorites? It’s not uncommon that when I do a thorough cleaning of my closet, I come across my baby book. I like to procrastinate from my task and linger over what my mom chose to write [...]