Having A Little App-ti-tude…New Parents With High-Tech Style

Babies don’t change much…though they need to be changed quite often.  As the life of today’s parents seems to be busier then ever, when the new little one comes along sometimes assistance is needed.  Since so many of us use our cell phones and tablets for all things imaginable, why not enlist the aid of some new apps that can help you stay organized through postpartum and assist in your adjustments to those precious minutes when the little one decides its time for them to catch up on some shut eye.

When you find yourself unable to sleep, even though your little bundle of joy is possibly snoring in delight, this may be an excellent time to catch up on reading and there is nothing like a kindle,  or the iPad version, to give you access to volumes of books, and more, to read at your leisure.  As must of us know, reading is a great way to quietly delve into new possibilities and interesting thought patterns while enriching one’s mind.

Another great way to utilize your phone or tablet, besides making calls or connecting to what’s happening online, is to watch television or see a movie. Most cable providers have an online component that allows you to watch your favorite shows in real time but the advantage of subscribing to Netflix or Hulu gives you easy access to shows or movies you may have missed or the opportunity to binge on entire seasons of great TV you may have missed for one reason or another.

While its obvious that new mommies may have some weight to shed after the new baby is welcomed into the family, some dads also need to shed a few pounds as well. Finding time to actually get to the gym can present a challenge but the Nike Training Club app is a great way to link up with a personal trainer-type experience right from your device, and while surrounded by the comforts of your home. Believe it or not, if you do your fitness training while baby is awake, make it fun family time and entertain your little one while jumping, lunging and balancing around, with or without grace.

No time to send thank you cards…well, there’s a great app for that too. The Cards app for Apple , with its iPod, iPhone and iPad capability may be the answer. A fun feature of this app allows you to take a photo of your baby wrapped in that snuggly new blankie you just received, then follow the steps to creating a personalized card that can be sent to any address world-wide, without you having to do much more than just a few screen taps, and there’s no worry of finding postage before your card is sent.

When it comes to sharing actual photos with those who may not be so connected to email, or grandparents who like photos as opposed to digital photo albums, the Walgreens app not only allows you to upload and edit photos that can also be made into posters, with this app you can even save time on prescription refills by using it to scan in your prescription bottle and order refills. Creating photos that go from your phone and into prints, as well as keeping up with prescriptions to maintain the health of your family, is quite easy to do with the help provided here.

Some other apps to consider adding to your new parenting stash include:

BabyTimer which boasts of its ability to not only keep track of diaper changes, feedings and naps but also provides a sort of diary to track baby’s weight gain, growth and doctor’s visits.

Milk Maid is the feeding app that can record pumping sessions and keep inventory on fresh and frozen milk such as: pumping dates, average amount of milk used last week , as well as calculating an estimate of how long your stash might last.

Total Baby refers to itself as the future of baby tracking as it is a data collection app that allows you the ability to log and track milestones, growth, vaccines and allergies.

While you are using your device to help manage your life, and looking for the app that works best for you, as a new parent you are bound to come across apps for babies. While there are many discussions about limiting screen time for babies, depending on the decisions made by individual families, babies will eventually get access to the apps that are already being created for them anyway. Fisher Price has created an Apptivity Case for iPods and iPhones . This case not only makes accessing apps and app learning fun for babies because your child can hold it by the handles and still see everything happening on the screen, it makes mom and dad happy as well since the case protects your devices from the gifts of dribbles, drools and droplets your baby some times lets loose during those exciting play times.

Most everyone has ideas on how to get through and make adjustments while bringing up baby. These are just a few that looked like fun, especially since they incorporate so well into the digital lifestyle.



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