Plan the Perfect Garage Sale

Many thanks to Monique Fullowka, of The One Dollar Income, for sharing her ideas on creating a great Garage Sale

If your garage is packed with boxes and old things it may be time to host a yard sale. Sell the old hand me downs that have gone through all three of your children and the toys that they used at least 10 years ago.  

Start off by making a space where you can keep all your items that are up for sale. Plan this spot out a few weeks ahead so during the wait time you can gather more things you would like to sell and label them in boxes in one location. Consider pricing these items too just to make it easier down the road. Aside from common knowledge, below are several tips towards preparing for the perfect garage sale.

Gather Your Products

Go to each room in your house and collect items you no longer want or need and feel like you can make money on. Clothes that are in good condition are always a good choice, old toys, books, small furniture, and DVDs are good items that will sell well at a garage sale. Continue to add items that you see over the next three weeks up until the garage sale. But remember to clean everything! Clean these things before you pack them away so that when garage sale day comes you can easily set up the event.

Pick the Perfect Date

Pick the day of your garage sale that best fits your schedule and considers the schedule of the others helping out. The weekends are usually free days that work best. Most garage sales start rather early, around 7:00 AM and go into the afternoon but that does require some stamina. Have some fun and make your children your little helpers who keep you quenched throughout the day.

Strategic Sign Placing

Placing your signs in certain places can make or break your garage sale.  Make sure you keep some signs at the busiest roads in your town. These signs you create will all work together, the first few will point traffic towards the garage sale. Also include date and time on these signs so that customers won’t forget when and where it is. Don’t hesitate to use colors so that your signs are easily recognizable. The more your signs are the seen the better your chances of a great garage sale outcome.

Signs made from the same color scheme will hit a point of remembrance with a customer. It would be smart to keep a couple extra signs on hand and place them near other garage sale signs so that traffic is directed to your sale when someone leaves a neighboring garage sale. Signs are just the beginning to having a successful sale, here is some more information on how to make good garage sale signs.

Garage Sale Essentials

There are a lot of little things that go into a successful sale day. Keep change, at least $50 to $100 in ones and a couple rolls of quarters. Buy bags, boxes, and a secure place for the money. There are also a few things that will make this day a bit more enjoyable for you: get a table and possibly some music, refreshments as well. Don’t overspend on this stuff; use Overstock coupon deals that offer online deals on a wide variety of appliances and sundries. Then use your savings to buy premium stereos, speakers, signs, etc.

Set the Right Price

Price all items on $.25 increments. Try grouping items and selling them as possible package deals: $.25 each, $.50 each, 2 for $.25, and so forth. Everything should be priced either individually or with a group sign because that encourages customers to buy in bulk. Another seller’s tactic is to price things higher than what you expect someone would pay for it. Pricing a little high will give room to drop the price, encouraging buyers to purchase the items because they see it as a deal. Here are some additional tips on proper pricing and how to have a killer garage sale.

The Big Day

Get ready to start selling, it’s the big day! The tables closest to the street should have attractive items that reel the customers in. Have family, friends, and neighbors come take a look around to give a good feel to passing customers who will want to take a look as well. A couple of cars parked near your house will encourage others to stop.

The Aftermath

After the sale, pack up any unsold items and keep them or donate them to charity. You can take the money you’ve made and buy things you need around the home or treat yourself. Regardless, you’ve made a profit out of cluttered items so above all you should enjoy yourself!

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