Summertime Means Summer Camp…Find Camps That Fit Your Family

It’s that time again. Schools is almost over and, if you haven’t thought of it already, now may be the right time to start planning summer camp for your children. Keeping in mind the kids just want to enjoy their summer vacation and have lots of fun…here are some ideas that may prove useful when sorting out your summer camp plans.

Most local YMCA and YWCA organizations offer a variety of day and overnight camps. This organization has a long standing reputation for its focus on youth development, healthy living programs and consistent opportunities for children and families to learn, grow and thrive.

Another source for summer camp for you to consider is your local municipality. In NYC, our Parks Department provides day camp programming with the promise of engaging our children with sports, fitness, outdoor adventure and cultural and educational opportunities, all in the name of summer fun.

For some families Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a welcome alternate to the traditional summer camp environment. While the focus is children having fun, the teachings, as well as the lessons learned, are based on religious education. The concept of (VBS) was started in 1894 by D.T. Miles, an Illinois Sunday school teacher, who also taught in the public school system, who began a daily Bible school to teach children during the summer months.

An enterprising family, or groups of parents, may consider starting their own neighborhood summer camp. With the collective effort of a dedicated community and some inspiration from Playborhood founder Mike Lanza, this could be a awesome idea for your particular community, as the shared goals are: to empower teens who would be part of your summer work force, neighborhood transformation into an environment where all are welcome and working together, and a focused exercise in collective pooling of the assets and resources of your community.

Private summer camps offer families the ability to give their children the choice of various summer study programs that focus on subjects related on independent education. The programming experience in these private summer camp environments is provided by a staff of instructors who have taught throughout North America, and, in some cases, by teachers who have traveled and taught abroad.

For the athletes there are a variety of summer sports camps where your children can get their game on, continue to build skills and make great friends, all while becoming a better and more inspired athlete.

The right summer camp will help your child build social skills, leadership qualities, self confidence and healthy living habits, which are all, in my opinion, wonderful lessons that can be learned while school is out for summer.


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