Home Remedies to Help You Make It Through The Burns, Itches, & Twitches of Summer


Most of us enjoy the fun of hanging out in the summer sun, a run to the lake shore or beaches and hanging out and playing all day BUT, as our long days turn into short nights, its all those bug bites we always seem to very much dislike.

If you find your self a little over done by the sun and that you are definitely feeling the burn, here are some suggestions to ease your pain that you are likely to find either in the kitchen or “around the house” in most any home. Please keep in mind that while these remedies may help you heal, they might also ease your discomfort.  However, in no way, can they reduce the damage to your skin that may have been caused by over exposure to the sun.

Five Ways to Cool Down a Sunburn

1.  Take a bath – relax and enjoy a cooling soak in a tepid bath and add a few heaping tablespoons of baking soda to help you stay calm-no wash cloth, bath gels, salts, oils or soap needed. Remember to limit your soak to 10-15minutes so you don’t dry out your already sun sensitive skin. When your soak time is up, allow your skin to air dry, avoid using a towel so you can keep cool and feel the air dry you.

2. Aloe Vera – this has long been a remedy for sunburn since the gel has such a welcome, cooling effect on the skin. Many folks, including yours truly, keep an aloe plant in the home. If you have a plant, or a bottle of the gel, sometimes it is especially soothing to a sunburn if the aloe is kept in the refrigerator. The added cold, to the already cool aloe vera gel, creates a colossal calm on red, irritated and uncomfortable sunburn and it time to just chill.

3. Drink Water – the sun has not only fired your skin, it also left you dehydrated. Being well hydrated helps to heal your skin from the inside so drink up and keep drinking water.

4. Moisture Your Skin – especially after you soak. Its important to moisture after a sunburn to aid the skin’s healing from all the drying and dehydration of the skin the sun has caused. You may even consider putting your moisturizer in the frig for a few minutes so you can cool it down before applying.

5. Try a Potato Pat Down – white potatoes, found in most kitchens, are well known for natural pain relief. Wash and pat dry to potatoes, cut them into small chunks and crush, with a little water, in blender or food processor. Pat burned areas with these pulverized potatoes and allow potato to cool your skin. If mess is a consideration, wrap potatoes in gauze or cheese cloth and make a pouch to apply to skin.


For Those Bites



Mosquito bites are, in my opinion, one of the most annoying bites of summer.  We love being out at night, grilling and enjoying the fire flies and the starry skies and here come those hungry mosquitoes who want to taste our blood.



The Ants Go Marching…looking for food and they sometimes wind up inside your house as well.  Do you know that baby powder, because it contains talc-a natural deterrent for ants, can actually help form a line of defense vs ants in your home.  Sprinkle baby powder around or near your doors and windows and keep the ants outside.  A mixture of white vinegar and water helps remove the ant sent.  Once  the ants can no longer track their scent on that trail, its no longer of use to them.


Bees, the friend and the foe…we need bees to pollinate our fruits and vegetables and help our gardens grow…BUT we can all do without getting stung.  Unless you are allergic to bee stings, here are a few natural remedies that may bring you comfort or at least ease the sore of the sting.  Garlic – crush a garlic clove to release the juice and press against the sting.  Basil leaves – crushed basil leaves  have been known to relieve bee stings, or try an onion, cut a slice big enough to cover the sting and let the healing begin.

Home remedies that may ease the unpleasant itchiness of insect bites include:

1)  Try to clean the area as fast as possible.  Alcohol or alcohol wipes can be very soothing but, water can also work as well.  Cleaning the area will help soothe the itchiness and can take your focus off of scratching, with can lead to  spreading of the infection and even more irritation.

2)  Gently apply a little baking soda and warm water to the affected area.  Try making a paste that is not too thick and apply it with a cotton ball or clean cloth.  Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then rinse off with more warm water.

3)  A cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar, applied directly to the bite, can also soothe the pain and ease the itch as well.  Leave the cotton ball on for a few minutes, adhere to bite with tape if necessary, and remove once the irritation stops, then rinse with warm water.

Ideas For Your Cupboard To Help you Keep Calm

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can help soothe your skin (as long as you properly dilute them) and provide stress relief and alternative healing through aromatherapy as well.  Here are a few of my favorite oils:

1)  Tea Tree Oil – it smells so clean and it works as an antiseptic

2)  Lavendar Oil – for it relaxing and energy boosting qualities

3)  Jojoba Oil – so good for the hair and skin


Please keep in mind that it is always best to avoid scratching those itches, as best you can, so you can lessen your chances of those bites becoming infected.  Take a moment to think of the things that help you remain calm and avoid stress and just try to relax.  Hugs are also  great stress relievers as well, most children don’t mind them and us grown folks love to give and receive them as well.








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