Bathroom Privacy Ideas

mom audienceSubmitted by Danny Smith

Little tykes are more reasonable than babies but of course they still need diligent supervision. At the same time, they’re starting to develop the critical experiments with autonomous choices and cautious wandering that will eventually lead to a healthy attachment-style. Let’s face it, you want to have a bowel movement and ideally you want to be relaxed and focused. It can be very distracting to have little Josie wandering around the bathroom touching all the surfaces  but you also don’t want little Josie at the other end of the house, fixing the toaster with a metal fork.

Setting reasonable boundaries while still being open and nurturing is a balancing act that starts early. There isn’t one momentous day in childhood development when we know that ‘okay, from here on out, this is how I expect to be treated from my child and what my child should expect from me.’ The foundation for relationships start immediately, which is why I like the article: Bathroom Privacy 101. It’s a 10-item slide show of practical ideas for getting privacy in the bathroom that can also garner in children, a positive attitude toward changes (turning challenges into a game), but still keeps children safe and supervised.

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