Easy St. Patrick’s Day Truffle for Busy Moms

I love to cook and make fun treats, but I really just don’t have the time to get into detailed recipes very often! I created this super easy St. Patrick’s Day Truffle idea that will make serving your family something themed and fun a cinch!

st. patricks truffle

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Truffle Recipe


Box of Brownie Mix
Box of Vanilla Pudding
3-4 drops of green food coloring.

Whipped Topping
Andes Mint Candies

st patricks day recipe

Easy Directions:

Simply follow directions on your brownie mix of choice and bake. Make the vanilla pudding according to packaged directions and add the green food coloring. {{For a super easy idea, make your pudding right in your blender. Then, store it in the fridge in its container.}} When the brownies cool, cut them into even pieces. You will need two brownies for each serving. Alternate layers of brownies and green pudding in individual cups. Use a layer of whipped topping if you like. You can top with Andes Mint Candies for an added touch. Makes approximately 5-6 small glass servings.


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  1. justmar1 says:

    Lol! It is beyond easy to make!

    Thanks for stopping by ;)