Stroller Snapping Swag

By Danny Smith

There are over 37 million search results for the words “baby stroller,” with a quick Google search. At Mom Audience we focus on digging up the most special, premier opportunities for busy mothers, rooted from the expansive wilderness of the Internet.

Last week, Mike, our resident work-from-home-dad relayed a stroller success story. With his fair share of looking after Nate, his 2 year old son, Mike can certainly empathize with the big relief that can come from the little things being counted-on to go smoothly in otherwise hectic days.

When Mike’s son was younger, the two of them were at a meet-the-boss BBQ and Mike was holding his baby in one hand and seamlessly able to collapse and fold Nate’s stroller with the other. Not only was that awesome because it wasn’t an awkward fumbling on display in front of everyone, sweating in the sun, but just picture it….mid-sentence, baby in one hand and stroller snappin’ effortlessly with the other.  That’s fatherly swag.

Not only is this a funny story about one dad’s swag, but it is raises the issue of considering one-handed efficiency in your wishlist of traits for your dream stroller when the bun is still in the oven and you are trying to decide what level of cheapness and taste to expect from your baby shower guests while trying to compose an online registry.

If you live at a slower pace, in a sparsely populated place, using two hands for your stroller is just a minor consideration—sure you’ll still have your hands full with the entourage of baby gear you’ll be hustling along whenever they are coming or going from outside the house, but perhaps something you could live without to save money.

On the other hand, if you’re in a populated place and the pace is fast, and the space is limited–having a stroller that can be wrangled with one hand is not only extremely lucrative, but decreases the possible safety risks of having to fumble with something and divert your attention from your baby or toddler. Or if you depend daily on public transportation, come on, you’re gonna want a no-fuss stroller with some serious usability.

In Mike’s case it was an Orbit. Mike’s not an agent of the Orbit company. You can see for yourself any youtube on them, for instance this one.  And heads up–if you want to search multiple big name stroller retailers all at once for a deal on Orbit or any other stroller, there are baby gear shopping assistants like you could check out, unless you like surfing randomly and letting the force of destiny brush you against your purchases. Whatever tickles your particular fancy, ladies. It’s all good with me.

Hulk doesn’t fumble with strollers. Annie Oakley or John Wayne–would they invest in a stroller that required you to look incompetent, fumbling with two hands? No, John Wayne would want a stroller to collapse like a duel at high noon, with dramatic precision that displayed his gunmanship, he would shoot a stroller that tried to make him look silly and beholden to plastic levers.

Next up–an article about pregnancy pictures and how we want to have a feature place for all proud bearers of baby bumps to commemorate the amazing stage where you are creating human life. Also coming: deals, promos, opportunities and scam warnings.

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