Comfort for your little one, extra cash for you!

Thank you Margaret from Precious Ideas for sharing this opportunity with our readers of Mom Audience. While we at Mom Audience appreciate your submission we are not in a position to endorse this product nor do we make any claims whatsoever regarding this opportunity.

Precious Ideas, manufacturer of the Li’l Shopper Portable Seat Cushion is offering moms interested in using and promoting our product, an opportunity to earn cash back when a recommendation prompts a sale. The Li’l Shopper is a one of a kind mom invented product.



A forward thinking product for parents that are looking for new and unique items. Our ergonomically designed seat cushions (for children 6 months to 3+ yrs) can easily be added to a variety of children’s seats providing increased comfort and postural support. This simple, portable seating/positioning aid increases body awareness and enables children to sit longer and more securely in shopping carts, highchairs, strollers and more. Simply hand out information when someone sees you using it, and/or promote it on your blog/twitter/facebook/pintrest/mommy-group/etc.


Earn money each time your efforts prompt a sale! Most parents are keen to find out about children’s products before purchasing them. Recommendations from other parents are absolutely influencing those purchases. We feel parents are looking for functional, common sense products that will be used by everyday parents in everyday life.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our product including its benefits for special needs children. Please contact: if you would like more information about this opportunity.

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