In the Name of the Family

It is with heavy hearts that we present Raizy and Nathan Glauber. A young married couple, both 21 years old and pregnant at the time of their deaths by an unconscionable driver. And while their premature son initially survived the horrific crash, and was delivered by an emergency Cesarean section, he too is now gone.

This story is particularly painful to the Hasidic Jewish community in NYC’s Brooklyn, of which the family belonged, and due to its overwhelming sadness is hitting most of us New Yorkers very hard and just gives me pause. My family and I share in grieving with our friends, neighbors and community and are eager to see justice brought for this heinous crime.

As several news outlets have surmised: around midnight on Sat 3-2-13 the young expectant mother expressed to her husband concern for their unborn baby. The couple then decided to take a taxi, which is very common practice for New Yorkers who do not own cars, to the hospital. En route a BWM slams into the taxi with such force that the Mrs Glauber, who as a taxi passenger was in the back seat, was ejected out of the car and landed under a parked tractor trailer. Mr Glauber was actually pinned inside the car and emergency service workers had to cut off the roof of the car in order to get him out. The taxi driver, 32-year-old Pedro Nuñez Delacruz, was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released from the hospital. The medical examiner concluded the cause of death for the couple was blunt force trauma. Mr Glauber died at the scene of the crash and Mrs Glauber died on the way to the hospital. Being that she was seven months pregnant, doctors we able to save the child by performing a post-mortem c-section. We learned on Monday that the child died around 5AM that day.

According to eye witnesses at the scene, the driver of the BMW and a passenger fled the scene on foot and are still at large. The car is owned by a Bronx woman, 29 y/o Taki Walker, who is in police custody for insurance fraud. Police are now looking for one of the suspects, 44 y/o Julio Acevedo who, as recently as last month, was charged with DWI.  It is also suspected that the driver of the BMW was going at least 60mph when they slammed into the taxi that was carrying the couple to the hospital.

We are absolutely outraged by this tragic story, share in the feelings of injustice as voiced by our neighboring community and eagerly await justice for the innocent lives that have been lost due to the recklessness of the irresponsible cowards who not only fled the scene but continue to run and hide.

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