February 8th in National Girl Scouts Cookies Day!!

Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time again…Time to celebrate the largest girl-run business in the world and get your cookies!

February 8th is National Girl Scout Cookie Day and the kick-off to the 3months of the year when you can stock upon all of your favorites and support the Girl entrepreneurs.

Girl Scouts USA was founded in 1912 and its mission, which preserves the organization to this day is – “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” This organization has always been about helping girls to not only foster enriching relationships with eachother, but also to help girls cultivate leadership skills and values, while informing them on understanding how best to be a team player.

The annual girl scout cookie drive is something that most of us enjoy very much, at least when it comes to those scrumptious cookies. However, the sale is also an excellent skill building exercise for the girls because they all work so hard to sell cookies and support the organization. The cookie drive teaches girls entrepreneurship, how to set goals, the art of making business decisions, profession ethics, people skills and time and money management skills.

During cookie season, some of the girls will end up handling more money than they have ever seen, and this opportunity to sell cookies teaches sales skills that can carry over into a part-time job. The girls also receive commissions on sales and prizes that some of the parents might not be able to afford or just don’t want to by for their daughters just yet.

In 2012, this 100 year old organization introduced the girl scout cookie app for Iphone and Android. While girls continue to sell cookies, as they always did, with door-to-door sales, cookie drives in schools, the help of parents, family, friends and neighbors in various work places, the cookie app, along with the Facebook page really makes the cookies much more accessible. The app has a find cookies locator function that will show the locations nearest to you for you to make your purchase. This app will also allow you to sign up for a girl to follow up with you and help you place your order.

What’s your favorite girls scout cookie…let’s not just talk about it either…reach out to the Girl Scouts and get your cookies today, or at least make your purchase before the current 3month drive ends.

Full disclosure…I was a girl scout and I sold cookies in my day…

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  1. We’ve updated our cookie boxes to include stories of what Girl Scouts do today, the fun they have doing it, and all that girls learn from the experience. It’s more than just cookies!