Another Reminder About The Benefits of Eating Healthy

Here at Mom Audience we try our best to promote healthy ways as they pertain to the health of our families. With the start of the new year and some of us looking to start eating better and exercising more, we’d like to take a few minutes to share some information, with the goal of exchanging ideas with “our mom audience”, on ways to commit to healthy resolutions for 2013.

Sure we’ve all heard about parking a block or two away from your destination so you can walk a couple extra steps, and maybe increase your aerobic activity for the day. We are all also likely familiar with taking the steps, instead of the elevator or escalator, as an opportunity to increase your heart rate and therefore create a positive impact on your cardiovascular health and promote a healthy heart. Drinking water as often as possible-our bodies are constantly losing fluids all the time. Fluids regularly evaporate from our skin, during the process of breathing and during our trips to the bathroom so we must constantly replenish our fluid for the sake of our overall health. These are all very common and acceptable practices but there are also slight modifications to one’s diet that can also bring about winning results in the focus on maintaining a reasonably healthy eating lifestyle.

Making Better Choices While Snacking

So many times we have the healthy meals. A nice bowl of a favorite comfort cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. The salad for lunch with maybe a nice convenient bowl of soup with a half sandwich, or a healthy choice from the sandwich selection at Subway. Most of the time its dinner at home with the family, a delicious home cooked meal with a nice meat (protein) not too much starch and a heaping heaping or veggies or maybe a big salad. Now while all this is very much an acceptable menu in the course of most any one’s day, what we haven’t talked about is the snacking. Most meals will hold one over for approximately two hours, and in the essence of time, the easiest way to stave off hunger is to grab a snack.

For the snack in morning, most folks just grab a piece of fruit, which is some much better than grabbing a doughnut or some other kind of sweet which is just empty calories and not the best idea. I like to think of bananas as my friend because they don’t need to be refrigerated and, in my opinion, are more manageable than an orange when it comes to the peeling part.

After lunch and that mid to late afternoon hunger kicks in…here is where a lot of folks make the unhealthy choice of a candy bar. For some, the candy bar provides a burst of energy especially if you are trying to finish a day at work, getting ready for after school activities or just preparing for the early evening/pre-dinner part of your day. Instead of going for the candy bar or sweet treat, use this hunger encounter as an opportunity to grab another drink, try water or a flavored seltzer (a personal favorite since I no longer drink any sodas) or a warm beverage, some say that warm drinks trick the stomach into feeling as if it is full, another piece of fruit, or a handful of nuts.

In the evening, approximately two hours after dinner and as you start to settle in from the day and relax with the family and you start to want a little nosh, something so that you or your partner won’t be distracted by a obvious sounds of a hunger and growling tummy. In our homes, the place where we all like to be the most comfortable, we have ALL the bad snacks. I won’t bore you with the personal selection of junk I like to have when I wanting to get my evening snack in however I mind if my larder contains potato chips, ice cream, or any kind of cookies. Well…I actually do mind now because, like many of you, I am trying to eating better snacks. So, in my home we have opted for a small collection of 100 calorie snacks. We like the varieties of low calorie, and very tasty treats now available by Skinny Cow. If you have ever gone thru Weight Watchers, you probably already know that they have lots of yummy treats that help one to maintain the focus on healthy eating and, if you have the will power, you can always focus on portion control-never been easy for me which is why I prefer to keep better snacks at home, as well as lots of our favorite fruits and veggies on hand.

Starting the new habit of eating with your health, and the health of your family, in mind can be done be making small changes or you can just go ahead and shake up the whole menu your family has gone accustomed to. The key in making this new lifestyle approach is maintaining it and understanding that the obvious health benefits are the best part of all.



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