How to Make Money as a Mommy Blogger

Mommy blogger making moneyYou’ve got cute kids, innovative crafting or decorating ideas, or you can cook with the best of them.  In short, you’ve got all this great “stuff” that you do and you want to share it with the world.  Perhaps you’ve even dreamed of becoming a writer someday.  The Internet could just be the place to turn.  Join thousands of other women just like you and start a “mommy” blog.  Beginning is easy and can even be free, although free isn’t necessarily the way to go.  (More on that in a bit.)  There are several free blogging sites that have easy-to-use platforms to design and set up a blog in a few hours’ time.  But what good is a blog if all you do is give, and you get nothing in return?  So, here’s a few tips on how to monetize your mommy blog and bring in some extra cash.

  • Sign up for Google AdSense  –   Google AdSense is a program where you give Google permission to run ads on your blog for your visitors to see.  Every time a reader clicks through to the site or product in an AdSense campaign, you receive a bit of money.  Now, don’t go thinking that Google AdSense will make you rich.  Most blogs average only a few dollars a month.  However, since the ads shown on your blog are geared to your blog’s content, and therefore hopefully your readers’ interests, you can make a little money for very little work.
  • Become an affiliate  -  Affiliates promote other people’s products and services and make a commission on each sale from those promotions.  Let’s say you have a crafting section on your blog where you routinely share your latest and greatest creations with your readers.  By directing your readers to a merchant site such as CreateForLess or Amazon or MisterArt to purchase their supplies to follow your awe-inspiring instructions, you can profit from their creativity as well as your own.
  • Become an author  -  Have a great collection of original recipes?  How to instructions for making 101 inexpensive holiday gifts?  Maybe you’ve got a ton of great tips for household organization and management.  Turn those into ebooks which you can then sell yourself.  Amazon has a service called CreateSpace that allows you to easily create and publish your own ebooks, which then appear in Amazon’s listings.  They do the  “heavy lifting” of handling sales and downloads, converting to Kindle format, shipping of “real” books if you choose that option, and then they send you a royalty deposit every time you sell more than $10 worth of product. Lulu is another self-publishing site that allows you to create, publish and market your titles.  There are other sites that will handle the file sharing for ebooks – the uploading and downloading – with no extras, allowing you to make more on each title, after paying the file share site, of course.  If you have no material for a book now, keep blogging.  After a period of consistent posting, you should have enough content for a short book.  No one said you had to write a book to rival War and Peace.  Many ebooks contain 50 to 100 pages and sell for $5 to $10 dollars.  With a decent loyal readership, however, those few dollars can really add up. And the good thing about ebooks is that new readers will find last year’s titles just as interesting as your current one, provided there’s enough different content.

I doubt there are any mommy blogger millionaires out there.  But don’t be dismayed by that fact.  Many women do make a substantial addition to their family incomes with their blogs.  Many more earn enough to keep going with their blogging efforts.  And while you may never get rich from your mommy blog, you might find the rewards are worth so much more than a pay check.
(There’s one thing you should be aware of if you are, or are going to become, a mommy blogger.  If you don’t own your domain name – in other words if you’ve chosen to go with a free site instead of buying your own URL and paying a host like GoDaddy to run your blog – you may have less freedom in your monetizing options, including never truly owning your content.  So if you are considering affiliate programs or selling your own ebooks based on blog content, you need to read all the fine print of your TOS-terms of service-with your blog service first.  You may just find out that you can’t do what you want with “your” blog because it’s not really yours.)

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