Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

mom audiencePosted by Danny Smith

I love to feature a guest blog for new perspectives and emerging technology that moms will find useful. We have a treat today, from Home Security Systems. If you yourself have a guest blog idea, feel free to contact us on or e-mail me at funtimehappyjoy (at) gmail (dot) com. Without further ado, I gladly present to you 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer:


Purchase a home security system

The very best way to help protect your home against a number of threats – not just burglary – is with a
home security system. Check out to find out how ADT provides
24/7 wireless monitoring against burglary, carbon monoxide, fire and more.

Inspect your home for structural weaknesses

A great way to put your home to the test is to canvass your property for structural weaknesses. Assume
the identity of a potential intruder and see if there are any easy ways to break into your home. Are there
any doors that could be easily broken into? Are there any large shrubs that may allow a burglar to move
around unseen? This is a good way to evaluate where you need to make improvements.

Be shrewd about how you use social media

In today’s social media-driven world, thieves are now turning to Facebook, Twitter and other social
media sites to locate potential targets. For this reason, you should be very judicious about the
information you put on these sites. If you have vacation plans, it’s not a good idea to post the details
of your trip on any of your social media accounts. You never know who may have access to this
information, which could inadvertently serve as an open invitation for burglars.

Purchase floodlights

Intruders do not want to be in the spotlight. That’s why lighting up your home at nighttime is as
effective a method as any for deterring burglars. Consider investing in motion-activated floodlights,
which can be purchased for about $20-$30 at your local hardware store.

Reinforce Doors and Windows

Make sure you have tamper-proof locks installed on all doors and windows. The best door locks have
internal anti-saw pins, which make it very tough for a burglar to saw through the deadbolt. Windows
can also be covered with a security film, which reinforces the glass and makes it increasingly difficult to

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