Steep Deals on Car Seats

mom audience dealsPosted by Danny Smith

One thing you gotta love about the baby gear site Lela, is that you can filter your search with a sliding bar of price ranges, and just bump it up or down depending on where you feel comfortable. It’s just so much more convenient to wade through the bajillion tons of options, in a usefully organized way. What’s also remarkable is that by searching in this way, the search catches results that are ON SALE at whatever major retailer might be featuring that product–and the price difference between sources can wildly vary. I’m talking about differences of 50, 60… even 100 dollars! I’m looking at the Britax Frontier in the cute cowprint, and Lela has it at $209.98, a huge savings from the $299 that the seat goes for at other venues. ¬†That kind of savings, adds up fast and that’s more for a Family Trip Jar.

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