Inspiration for Unconventional Ways to Earn Money

unconventional momSubmitted by Danny Smith

Sure, I love going out  to socialize, I love trying out the party-hosting ideas in the hilarious Amy Sedaris guide,  I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. But at my core, I’m an introvert and get exhausted except among my closest confidantes. Shy in public, I’m somebody who loves to spend as much time as I can, fulfilling the center of the drama as Queen of my castle. That’s why I love working online and probably why  in my formative years I also liked a lot of solitary, unconventional jobs like delivering newspapers and working night shifts at a group home. Unconventional living to me, equated with a satisfying everyday sort of freedom.

Style preference isn’t the only reason to seek funky earnings, just being a mom and having time-constraints invites the yen for occupations that fit in the cracks of the rest of your life. You’re obviously a determined little fire cracker if you are even reading Mom Audience. Someone who takes decisions into her own hands and is open to stepping up their game with thoughtful strategies. These are like the all-popular “life hacks” (tech. term of hacking that refers to practical life tips), well these are life-hacks for moms.

Would I have lollygagged with such a long-winded preface if I weren’t serious about the quality of the linkage I’m about to drop, steaming-hot into this post? Like home-made whip cream made of half-and-half melting onto hot apple crisp, I’m about to give you something insanely delicious. It’s a bunch of HAND PICKED (I stand by these links as Genuinely Useful) sources for unconventional job ideas. The quality of ideas that don’t rely on the short-lived hope-buzz of a pyramid scheme, but something you can actually build on and sustain. Without further ado, these links all had something that got my wheels turning on real possibilities:

10 Unconventional Business Ideas: actual examples of people innovating w/o “Starter Kit” hooey

Skill Givers: 8 Funky Job Ideas

Virtual Juror sounds awesome: myth or bust, I’m not sure yet (results pending; stay tuned)

Some of these are just sad: selling your hair wasn’t that punishment from the old testament?

Oh man, not crime scene cleaner. I’ve seen what happened in the movie Sunshine Cleaning.

My next post is about the controversial Toddlers and Tiaras, and a case for why I am sincerely fond of Honey Boo Boo.

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