Red, White, and Blue

mom audience Submitted by Danny Smith

Congratulations to President Obama for winning a second term.  For all the talk of a close competition, a Tweet from Senior Political Analyst @David Gergen, offers context with the fact  that Obama is one of only three Democrats to ever win +50% of the national vote, twice.

No matter who you voted for,  everybody’s glad to see campaign season simmer down for the brief respite before it begins all over.  In the spirit of our national patriotic ritual of post-election reflection, I present to you a bunch of kid stuff with an American theme. (By the way, if you click on the featured image of the little SuperGirl at her polling station, it’ll take you to a series of dramatic moments of the election–credit to Allison Joyce/Getty Images.)



“Duck for President” award-winning book explains elections to children

Patriotic Chicago Onesie $17.00

Little Girl’s Red Wool Coat (formal) $139

Red White and Blue Quilt $99

Architect-designed Patriotic Bug Chair $395

Capt. America Homemade Baby Blanket $100

Captain America Knit-Tulle-Hybrid Dance Ensemble  $100


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