How We Can Help Victims of the SuperStorm

mom audience hurricane sandySubmitted by Danny Smith

At Mom Audience our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

By now you’ve seen the outpouring of stories and pictures of Americans coming together with that sense of community and vulnerability we tend to keep buried deep down on ordinary days. It seems that no matter how many times we face tragedy, it always manages to come as a surprise, the magnitude of the spirit of generosity and compassion that we’re capable of.

When push-comes-to-shove, human beings have a great capacity for stepping up to the call of service and discovering heroism within. We’re such community-minded creatures, that we seek out videos and share media specifically about the special interest stories that will move us and our friends to tears. And for all the criticisms I heave at society in my spare time, I love our quirks as imperfect people. We seek the catharsis of empathy and of vicariously facing challenges with integrity.

I’ve been glued to the weather sites. I triggered my TMJ (dental/jaw pain) by nervously munching toothsome trail mixes I had stocked for rations, as I watched the news unfold. These are dazzling unprecedented times of technological connectivity and increasingly unpredictable, severe weather.

We may have been criticized for not knowing our next door neighbors as much as we used to in the mythological good-old-days, but they seem to forget how much of a big family we’ve got in our emotional investments to online community, streaming  in from around the whole world, including Antarctica.

There is talk of another storm coming, just a medium size, but the problems that may come from the interference with the east coast recovery. Kicking a coast when it’s down, we don’t need that right now. It’s alarming, and people are doing the best to keep their sense of humor, which is another thing people are great at.

Last word on voting extensions that I’ve heard is that NJ has mail-in options extended to Nov. 19 as long as the ballot is post-marked by a certain time.

We welcome you to post a link to storm relief resources on our Facebook page as you come across them and Mom Audience will also be updating our news about perhaps, a focus on the most creative or little-known-ways that people are helping in the storm. Maybe there’s a movement of crafter-moms already holding meetings about how to initiate an effort to mobilize their forces as a source of donations to mothers having a hard Christmas this year on the coast? In other words, moms in Wisconsin with an Etsy shop, might be deciding to help the storm by donating blood to the Red Cross and by knitting onesies for a program that matches storm victims with donated handmade gifts. Internet to the rescue.  Hit me up on our Facebook if you’ve got a good idea, and be careful out there.


A lot of sources on the net for how you can help, but I really like the ones I got right from my Electric Company:


How to help Superstorm Sandy victims

  • Red Cross: To donate, visit, call 800-Red-Cross or text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Nearly 100 Red Cross blood drives were canceled because of Sandy, so blood supplies are low in the areas affected the most. The Red Cross asks that those who can donate to schedule an appointment to give blood. The New York Blood Center is urging people to donate blood for those in the New York/New Jersey area. To donate, call  800-933-2566 or visit
  • The Salvation Army has dozens of mobile feeding units and shelters along the East Coast that are working to serve thousands in the most heavily hit areas. to donate.
  • Feeding America has thousands of pounds of emergency food, water and supplies in the disaster zone that it is working to distribute to the storm’s victims. To donate, or call  800-910-5524.
  • AmeriCares is providing medicine and other supplies to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. To donate,
  • World Vision is distributing flood clean-up kits, personal hygiene items and emergency food kits to people hit by the hurricane. To donate, visit
  • Save the Children is also working to provide relief to families and their children. Visit to donate.  



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