Moms Vote Phone Bank

mom audience

Submitted by Danny Smith

From the Facebook page of Moms Rising comes a quick and painless get-out-the-vote volunteer opportunity.

“Some bunny wants YOU to pick up the phone!”

“Are you in? Take a few minutes to make a few calls between now & Tuesday night. Have big impact by reminding busy moms that Tuesday is Election Day so they can make a plan to vote.”

***Confirm You’re Down to Volunteer at Moms Rising.***


This initiative is not about telling anyone who to cast their vote for, it is simply to remind moms of the importance of their voice in our democracy–a voice which is heard now because of hard-fought battles.

Whatever your political leanings or level of skepticism with government itself, the act of voting can be felt as a reverent gesture of cross-generational respect for those gutsy, vivacious, Suffragettes.

It is in the same spirit that I’ve added to Mom Audience, the tag category of “Community Service Opportunities,” because we need to see moms at the administrative levels of community projects as much as (if not more than), other various experts.

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