Keep ‘Em Warm with Knit Baby Beards

mom audience baby beardsSubmitted by Danny Smith

There is no doubt about it, beard fashions are alive and well today and now even children are enjoying the fun. Kids love bright, silly, novelty hats, they love staying warm, and we love to smile at kids looking sweetly ridiculous. Nothing fits the bill like a knit beard hat for babies.

The beard hats featured in this article come from this Etsy seller and it’s a 2-hat custom combo for $45.

With the holidays coming up, a baby beard hat is a great unique gift that will stand out from the others, they’re handmade, and they also serve as a conversation piece at the holiday party as everyone begins to fully comprehend that what they’re seeing is truly–yes–a mini beard for babies and children. Be aware that you can get various different color combos of hats and beards. Not only do these beard hats keep more of the body warm–almost as fully as a ski mask–the chin strap feature will go a long way towards keeping the hat securely on when kids tug, romp, and run.

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