Bra Aims to Detect Cancer Early

mom audiencePosted by Danny Smith

Here’s something you may have never heard of but that could potentially save the lives of so many women. Here’s a quote from an article you don’t want to miss about a bra that hopes to stop deaths from breast cancer:

” A Reno, Nevada-based company called First Warning Systems claims to have a more advanced option for detection in the works: a bra that constantly monitors breasts for cancer growth.”

“The bra features a small data collection device and a sensor that keeps track of temperature changes, which can indicate growth in blood vessels that are feeding tumors. CNET points us to a claim from First Warning’s website that over 650 women in three clinical trials have seen “sensitivity, specificity and accuracy” in the range of 90%, compared to 70% accuracy for current methods like mammography. The company also claims that the bra can detect hints of breast cancer up to six years before other methods–though we’ll believe that when we see it.”

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