A Site You Can’t Afford to Miss – Money Saving Mom

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Posted by Danny Smith

If you’re anything at all like me, you’re doing everything you can to make every dollar stretch, while having fewer and fewer dollars to get by on. And if you’re anything at all like me, you’ve simply got too many demands on each and every one of those dollars. Let’s see, there’s the kids and the fridge and the gas tank to fill. Oh, and the electric company, gas company and water board to support. And let’s not forget the mortgage and the car payment, the taxes and the insurance.

Too many MUST Dos and too few WANT TOs leave me with not a whole lot left over. So, I’ve had to find ways to cut corners, save some cash and keep a little more in my purse. But I haven’t done all that on my own. Nope, I’ve learned to get by with a little help from a friend. My friend in my money saving endeavors is Crystal from Money Saving Mom. (I don’t really know her – this is more of a metaphorical- Beetles-Sgt. Pepper kind of thing…..) She’s created a site that no money- saving mom (or dad) can afford to miss. And she seldom sings off key, meaning that every bit of advice on her site has value for everyone. I doubt there’s little on there that won’t strike a chord or fit in with most reader’s strategies.

From the raw rookie to the battle-hardened vet, she simply has something for everyone. I highly recommend her various series as a great starting point. These are blog posts that she’s created around one central theme, aimed at teaching you a new skill or way of doing things. There’s an excellent series on how to cut your grocery bills. Got that under control? Well, how about taking 4 weeks to learn and implement a strategy to fill your freezer? If you don’t have a big freezer to stock, you almost certainly have a home. And if you do, you can almost certainly benefit from her home organization series. Need a little motivation or inspiration on your thrifty journey? Check out “We paid cash!” where readers can write in their testimonials about what they’ve purchased or treated themselves to because of how much they were able to save.

Other great features of the site include: budget friendly menus and recipes, daily updated coupons, freebies, giveaways and discounts; tips on working from home, becoming a WAHM and balancing business with family and home; Facebook and Twitter groups with multiple daily listings of discounts; coupons and freebies, tutorials and printables for freezing and cooking; free printables and ebooks for household management; a section for homeschoolers – reading lists, tips, resources and freebies, ideas and recipes for a thrifty, simpler Thanksgiving and Christmas; DIY ideas for everything from making your own cleaning supplies, to how to texturize your walls, to creating your own deodorant.

I think the thing that I love best about the site, and the reason I can wholeheartedly recommend it to others is its tone and style. Crystal and her guest posters all have an upbeat, “you can do it” attitude and it comes through in their writing. Reading many of the posts makes you feel as if the author was sitting across the table from you, sipping on a cup of tea and simply sharing their latest, greatest idea. Crystal is right there with you, in the trenches, trying to stretch her dollars, too. This isn’t some stuffy, know-it-all expert. She’s a money saving mom, and she wants to show you how you can be one, too. Now that’s a friend we all can get by with!

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