Keepsake Baby Books

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Did your parents keep a Baby’s First book of your first words, steps,  habits and favorites? It’s not uncommon that when I do a thorough cleaning of my closet, I come across my baby book. I like to procrastinate from my task and linger over what my mom chose to write as a young woman. I look at her handwriting and I feel a wave of gratitude. Baby books are an important tradition and I love that adoptive parents follow suit with adoption-story keepsake books that symbolize the metaphorical birth of an adopted child into the family, preserving the mementos and milestones that brought them together.

For those of you interested in making your own, there are manymanymany sources online to help you with inspiration for your baby book project. If you’re a blogger or have your own online shop, you can make a video or article about your experiences attempting to create memory crafts.

What kinds of baby books are out there now? Let’s take a look at a range of styles from various Etsy shops.  (Click on the images to go to that item.)

baby book

This upscale custom baby girl or boy memory book is lined with fabric. Your baby memory book has 150 designed pages in which you can record your memories of the new arrival.

baby book retro

Unused vintage baby book for the ironic hipster baby, or those that just like the simple charm of design from bygone eras.

baby memory book deals

Contemporary baby memory books with bright, funky patterns.

unique baby memory book

Don’t rule out alternative styles, like this handmade leather photo-album with unique latch and high-quality, magnetic pages.

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