Browse, Brag and Bag Some Cash – From Shopper to Seller With Social Media

work from home momby Suzanne Stewart

We’ve all gotten that really annoying spam email on how to earn thousands from home by doing virtually nothing, right? They promise to put tons of money into your bank account after you spend just 5 minutes working from home. They have slick sales pitches and photoshopped checking accounts or PayPal records to prove that their “system” is the best, most profitable, quickest way to effortless millions. They change the names, the titles, the URLs and the subject lines, but the gig is pretty much all the same – a big fat scam waiting for some unsuspecting sucker to come along. It’s a bit frustrating when trying to locate legitimate work-from-home opportunities, and seriously annoying when you realize how much of your time they’ve wasted. However, there is a real work-from-home opportunity that actually doesn’t take much effort. In fact, all you do is what you would do normally. It won’t earn you millions, or even hundreds, each month. But it is real, and it does pay.

There are several sites – Beso, for one – that will pay shoppers to refer other shoppers to links for products from stores like Neiman’s, Target and Gap. It works something like this:

You window shop or actually shop-shop at your favorite online retailers.

You find products you like and actually buy them or decide you would buy them if you had the money.

You post a link to each product on your favorite social media sites – Pinerest, Facebook, your blog, Twitter.

Your friends and followers click through that link to check out the awesome bag that caught your eye, or those “to die for” shoes you’re raving about.

You earn money for each and every one of those clicks (more sometimes if they, too, buy the product.)

Now all of this depends upon you having signed up with the site’s service, of course. But just think of it – you could earn enough to buy those “to die for” heels in just a month or two. And it really is that easy – you browse, maybe buy, brag and then bag the cash when someone clicks on your links.

How much can you actually earn? That depends on several things:

The size of your following – the more friends, the more potential clicks. Simple math.

The amount of time you spend browsing, buying and bragging. The more you post, the more potential clicks you create.

The quality of the products you brag about. If you’re posting stuff that doesn’t have a broad appeal, your chances for potential clicks from your readers greatly decreases. Likewise, just the opposite is true – post stuff folks will want to check out for themselves and you’ll see better responses.

The service you sign with. Beso’s program is fairly new. Others, such as Referly, Pose and Fancy, have been doing it awhile. Some pay more than others, while some are more restrictive, and still others are more user-friendly.

Some shoppers-turned-sellers-through-social-media are claiming earnings of $50 or more a month. And with the holiday shopping frenzy just around the corner, those amounts are sure to rise. So, yes, you can sit at home, spend a few minutes doing what you normally do and still earn money. And that’s no spam sandwich!

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