Mom Audience Welcomes Your Baby Bumps

baby bumpBy Danny Smith

Our resident Mom Audience father, Mike (previously mentioned in Stroller Snapping Swag), was talking to friends of his and his wife. They got on the subject of baby bumps. Some of the mom’s had taken pictures of their growing stomach throughout the process, others had taken one or two, and some were camera-shy about their bodies, but later wished they had taken more pictures along the way consistently (month to month).

Before you get pregnant, it’s easy to think of the ideal image, of getting the “glow,” and putting together cute, cozy, maternity outfit with empire waistlines and roomy knit sweaters. But when you’re actually going through the stages of pregnancy, the hormones can reek havoc on your skin, and you may feel bloated, nauseous and achy. At those points it’s hard to see your own beauty for what it is–miraculously strong and resilient.

As an adult, if you’ve ever come across a photograph of your own mother while she was pregnant with you, it can be a very tender and moving experience and can make you appreciate your mother as a young woman, not knowing all things that were to happen as you grew up. At Mom Audience we encourage positive body image and celebrating all shapes and sizes. We got the idea that if moms-to-be sent in pictures of their baby bump, we could create an ongoing baby-bump-gallery, where we could possibly link to your social media or blog, and possibly utilize as contestants for giveaways, deals, or other perks that come along (giving back to the Mom Audience in a tangible way).

Comment on our Facebook if you think it’s a good idea, or something you’d be interested in.

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