You’re in New York City for the weekend, where do you start?!

mom in central parkNew York is renowned for its famous landmarks and media coverage. It’s the home of The Statue of Liberty and ‘Sex and the City,’ making it a desirable destination whoever you are. On arrival you’ll be greeted with friendly faces and undoubtedly a cocktail or two to start your weekend in style. There are 4 attractions that must been seen before the weekend is over. Firstly the monumental Statue of Liberty that’s a universal symbol of freedom given as a gift of friendship from France. The national monument is a short ferry ride away for just $17 per person. Make sure you book in advance though to avoid any disappointments.

Then why not go to central park where the famous TV serious ‘Friends’ was filmed. The open area is the perfect place to have a picnic whilst looking into the sky, surrounded by trees and buildings. The best way to appreciate all of the surroundings is to hire a bike and go on one of central park’s tours. Not only will you enjoy yourself but you’ll also get some exercise and be educated at the same time! You’ll find that wherever you are in central park there will be an exciting atmosphere with live music going on all around you.

Finish your first day with a trip to the Empire State Building where the 86th floor view is totally breath-taking as you observe the whole of New York City. Ticket prices are steep so look for deals and book online in advance to save any extra money. There are many fine dining restaurants nearby to finish off your perfect day.

In your weekend make sure you go to Broadway even if it’s just to say you’ve been. There are many sites offering discountsfor theatre tickets so ensure you do your research before leaving home to get the best deal possible. Whether you love a good musical or dance show, Broadway has something for everyone.

New York is full of bustling people, and what better way to experience this culture than some good retail therapy. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or the latest Prada bag. Going into the designer shops seems to be more of an experience than anything. With the high price tag comes superb customer service where employees will wait on your hand and foot making your weekend even more perfect.

Fine dining despite what newspapers say remains in New York’s culture and there are plenty of places to tickle your taste buds whatever you fancy. One of the top restaurants in NYC is ‘The Salon at per ce’ which is a once in a life time experience with exquisite food and divine service. You certainly pay for what you get there, hence the very steep price of $300 for 2 people, although this does include 9 courses, drinks and canapés. Whatever you do on your weekend in New York, bring plenty of money and plan your days carefully as to avoid wasting any time at all!

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