Are Your Kids Not Eating Healthy?

Listing: Are Your Kids Not Eating Healthy?

If your child does not regularly eat according to the Food Guide Pyramid, here is what you can do to ensure good nutrition with some Shaklee Kids products:
Meal Shakes
Turn any meal into a delicious and nutritious French Vanilla or Bavarian Cocoa shake in minutes. Even the pickiest eaters love the taste of Meal Shakes!!
Blended with low-fat milk or soy milk, this nutritional powerhouse provides the basics that growing kids and
teens need to stay healthy and strong.
• 45% or more of the Daily Values for
19 essential vitamins and minerals
• a rich source of calcium
• an excellent source of dietary fiber
and protein
• a great breakfast drink

Mighty Smart™
High in DHA Omega-3s for BrainPOWer DHA helps support concentration, memory, and vision
100 mg per serving—A level clinically proven to increase
blood levels of DHA in children ages 4–12
Certified organic by Quality Assurance International, 100% natural, ultra-pure DHA, No artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives, Gluten free
We highly recommend the Optiflora because of its
• formulation
• unique delivery system
• remarkable effectiveness
The Optiflora System is made up of two parts, the Optiflora pearl, containing Acidophilus and Bifidis (good
bacteria) and Inulin, a fructose powder that feeds only the good bacteria.

Super nutritious:
First kids’ chewable multi in the U.S. With immune-supporting power of lactoferrin!
Helps kids’ immune systems stay supercharged 23 Essential Nutrients—Needed for proper growth and development. Vitamin POWer!—100% of vitamins C and E, plus all eight B vitamins, 600 IU of Vitamin D3, plus calcium, vitamin K, and more!
Support for strong bones and teeth
Naturally sweetened with xylitol—does not promote cavities
No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives
Gluten free

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