The Cinch Inch Weight Loss Plan

Listing: The Cinch Inch Weight Loss Plan

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:
Keep muscle you have. Burn fat you don’t need. Lose inches you don’t want.
Inch loss plan by Shaklee. It’s simple and it’s easy. Protein so you feel good, Leucine so you don’t lose muscle. Flavors so you don’t lose your will
Why Most Diets Fail
• Nutritionally inadequate you feel bad, sooner or later
• Too hard to follow interferes with life
• Results are too slow frustration
• Unsafe ingredients (stimulants) negative side effects
• Slows your metabolism the “yo-yo” effect
Cinch breaks the diet cycle!
It’s not about just being beautiful; It’s about being healthy
Helps body build and preserve lean muscle
Listen to the Cinch Plan recorded message by Dr. Jamie McManus, 1-925-924-3030 and then give me a call at 484-515-8138

CONTACT INFO: Diane Berl,, 484-515-8138



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