The New & Simple way to dress up flip flops, headbands & pet collars!

Listing: The New & Simple way to dress up flip flops, headbands & pet collars!

Accessory Connectz™ are the new and simple way to jazz up flip flops, headbands and even pet collars! Our device is used to clip, pin or button on your favorite accessories to your desired item to get the look you want in seconds! We carry a full line of button on accessories that can be used when you are not using your very own accessories! Attach to your existing items! There is no need to purchase the expensive stuff. You can create your own look on your very own budget! Got hair accessories at home? With our little device, it makes it super easy to attach to your item of choice and feel no metal clips or pins touching you;-) They are super comfy and you don’t even know they are there. Flip flops clips can be very painful and cause irritation and have such a limited selection. With our handy new device, the possibilities are Endless! There are no limitations to what you can clip, pin or button to our product! Our product is Mother & child tested and approved! Women, children(boys & girls), bridal, pets and more can enjoy our new & unique product! Guaranteed fun for all ages!

-Patent pending
-Moms & daughters can match
-Match flip flops to your hair accessories
-Children can match their family pets
-Interchangeable & reusable
-Endless possibilities
-Stretches to Fit 1/2 in.-1 1/2 in widths

CONTACT INFO: Monica Wreede,, 419-692-2242



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