Its official – I am an entrepreneur

For years I have been trying to answer “what do you want to be when you grow up”.  I am 35 years old, it was getting pretty ridiculous.  Long story short, I went to college for Social Work for 3 years when I totally panicked. I just couldn’t do it. I became brainwashed. Seems like every single person that I mentioned my career of choice to would offer their unsolicited point of view on it.  “You won’t get paid much”. Great.  I wasn’t interested solely because of the money, but their attitudes caught up with me.  It just so happens that I ended up in a position with an Engineering Firm that was paying likely more than I would in fact make as a social worker. This prevented me from seeing further than my nose, although I completely loathed the job as well as my bosses. I mean I really hated them, but through clenched eyes,  I was able to still admire their business sense.

After dabbling with my own blog and the corresponding graphic design business that my husband launched, I was finally able to see clearly.  You can make money at home – but you have to figure out what you want to do.  I truly believe you have to visualize what you want in order to get it. Most things are achievable, they won’t fall into your lap. You’ll need to open your arms to catch the opportunity. Once I was able to see what I could do.. and wanted to do… it was easy to make it real.  With this confidence, I was able to tell my bosses how I really felt. I mean, I really laid it out and my speech contained cuss words. I have never felt so relieved.  Needless to say the decade of bullcrap was OVER! I was FREE. Free to pursue my own business adventures.  The last 9 months have been life changing for me.


It became completely official.  I filled out the paperwork to have my taxes done and my occupation has been categorized for the first time ever as “Entrepreneur”.  Ahh, it feels good.

I know, I am completely bragging here – but its meant to be motivational. If you saw how trying this “career” thing has been for me, you would be happy for me too. Its hard work, but I am here to tell you its really achievable. Just don’t go quitting your job until you have a personal revelation and set a realistic goal.  Make sure to check out the shared work at home opportunities on the site. Good luck in your adventure!

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