Green Pasta Shamrock Craft

I love doing Holiday themed crafts with my son. I recently stumbled on a similar project using rice, but since we didn’t have any, we decided to do it with pasta instead. Its really easy to dye your pasta or rice using a mix of food coloring and rubbing alcohol. The possibilities are endless on what you can create.

Green Pasta Shamrock Craft

Supplies you will need:

Rubbing Alcohol
Green Food Coloring
Ziploc Bag
Printing Paper
Sturdy sheet of paper or stock
A Printable Shamrock Template
Paper Towel

Green Colored Pasta Directions

I found this super easy tutorial on making colored pasta at Crafty Ninja. I followed their basic recipe using only green food coloring for our Shamrock.

Place desired amount of pasta into your Ziploc bag and pour enough alcohol to cover all of the pasta. Add food coloring to contents until you achieve the desired shade of green. Let the pasta sit for several hours. The longer it sits, the darker the color will be. We let ours sit overnight. Drain alcohol from bags and put pasta to dry on a paper towel. Let sit until fully dry.

Shamrock Preparation:


Print out your Shamrock, glue to a more sturdy sheet of stock. We used half of a file folder. Let dry. When the pasta is ready, neatly glue pasta individually to fill up the shamrock. Let dry. Once the glue has dried, carefully trim the outline of the shamrock.

Voila, you have a super cute St. Patrick’s day craft!

Have fun!

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