Wipe Aide-Great new product for potty training

Listing: Wipe Aide-Great new product for potty training

Wipe Aide is a terrific, new potty training product to help kids keep cleaner, be more confident and get excited about using the toilet. Wipe Aide, the toilet paper moistener, earned MetroParent Magazine “Kid Tested…Mom/Dad Approved” award. It is a great product for kids and adults of all ages but it is particularly a GREAT product in helping to toilet train toddlers. Customers absolutely love how easy to use and convenient Wipe Aide is. Wipe Aide evenly moistens your toilet paper by simply pushing down on the aerated, blotter head top. The Wipe Aide dispenser is refillable/reusable so it’s a tremendous value and consumers will quickly and easily spend money to buy such a economical product that has so many great benefits.

One Wipe Aide customer and working mom recently emailed me the following message, “My 4-year-old is taken by Wipe Aide. In fact, yesterday, she opened the door on the babysitter while she was in the bathroom to show her how it works. Hysterical! And time to get a lock on the bathroom door.”

“I would recommend using Wipe Aide with children who are starting potty training so they get used to it. My 5-year-old wasn’t too keen on the idea of using it at first but now it helps him be more independent and it keeps him clean. It even helps adults clean more efficiently. I recommend having one in every bathroom.” –Colleen, mom of Aidan (7) and Keegan(5)

CONTACT INFO: Avery Goodman, agoodman4@wi.rr.com, 414-327-1893


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